Saturday, 3 August 2013

Wonky Wimple!

Surely a bit of lateral thinking is needed with recourse to Burley’s Parish Church spire. Why don’t they rid St Mary of that overbearing wimple and take a leaf from Norman Shaw’s book? St Margaret’s ecclesiastical emporium on Queens Road in Ilkley shows there’s no need for a spire. The lack of things pointed saves brass all round. You can still have bells or long playing records of same, and possible future expansion outwards instead of upwards. Inwardly St Mary’s shows it’s rustic heritage when compared to Shaw’s religious magnificence. The continued use of pews restricts the use of the building to that of formal prayer. Whereas at St Margaret’s chairs have long taken the place of pews and it’s interior used for many and varied events. Time to cast off the old and bring in the new!