Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Confused Apostles

It would appear apostles are as confused today as they were thousands of years ago. I noted this in a book about that song and Ilkley’s Moor. A Gazette article earlier this year highlighted an enigma which has long puzzled me. For the past twenty or so years I and friends have combed near every square inch of Ilkley Moor in search of Ilkley’s illusive Apostle Stones. Media and historians are forever quoting their existence but finding them is quite another matter. Burley folk can count themselves lucky as their Apostle Stones are easy to find. In fact they are on the Ordnance Survey map but not Ilkley’s. Would those who know where Ilkley’s Apostle Stones are please enlighten the rest of us so we can enjoy them as much as Burley enjoys theirs. We hope 2013 will, at last, lead to the discovery of Ilkley’s long lost Apostle Stones. They must be up there somewhere.