A County Road

18th February 2007

Dear Editor

How many more times do I have to write this? Keighley Road is NOT, as some would have you believe, a rough moorland track. The route across Ilkley Moor is A COUNTY ROAD, part of the Queen’s Highway. If you don’t believe me contact Mr John Robinson - Highways Officer, at Jacobs Well in Bradford. Parking on single track roads and blocking them to other road users is down right selfish and against the law.

Why are these people walking their animals on such sensitive parts of the South Pennine SSSI? Do they not realise their dogs are running free through areas of ground nesting birds? Are they so thick and arrogant to think themselves above the law? Or couldn’t they care a damn? It’s drivers like these who bring the worst out in country folk. Thanks to you and others like you, folks who use real 4x4s for their work are being penalised.

When will these people get it through their thick heads animals are best walked? Not ferried around in gas guzzling so-called 4x4s. I have no time for the likes of you. NONE! Like the cyclist I too have found these people arrogant, ill mannered and threatening. If they acted the same in town the Police would have them for dangerous driving. Respect for the Countryside includes respect for other road users. Why is it so difficult for present day users of both to be more courteous to others?

Until re-cycling my car I used Keighley Road weekly over a twenty year period. Even after it was damaged by heavy rain. All, apart from one, were saloon cars large and small. There was no need for gas guzzling so-called 4x4s. Instead of wasting money on city centre duck ponds, Keighley Road should be resurfaced in a manner befitting a County Road.