Glorious 12th August 2009

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ilkley Gazette
Wharfedale Newspapers
8 Wells Road
LS29 9JD

Dear Editor

A recent Telegraph article referred to the need for a farming revolution. I suggest along with that goes a thought revolution in our town and city halls. Locally derived and sold food will soon become a thing of the future, very near future if truth be known, not a flight of fancy in a council chamber. Ilkley residents were let down again. Why? Because someone in a council chamber did not like their rural retreat having a market. What prey was that we had last week?

Somewhere I have an email from a councillor advising me said ‘continental’ market was an opera! I don’t recall seeing any Merchants from Venice. There is, on the InterNet, and in Bradford’s Legal Department historical evidence of Ilkley having two Royal Charters. One for a market and one for a fair. Dating to 1229 or thereabouts. The excuse a monthly market, held on a Sunday, would be detrimental to the town’s small traders is poppycock. Of said traders, who open on a Sunday, sell goods found on a Farmers Market? Of those who are how many sell life’s essentials?

Shortsighted views in council chambers have done this town much harm over the years. Time methinks, for such views to be re-addressed. This is the 21st century Ilkley, not the 19th . White Wells Plunge Bath apart, Ilkley’s spa status has long been dead as too it’s genteel manners. That which estate agents call The Address is fast becoming another pong proof patio in suburbia.