Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Where plastic cards are frowned upon.

A situation manifest itself this past year and no doubt is duplicated throughout rural districts. Lack of loose change! The stuff small teashops and the like rely on when banks and post offices are unavailable. Visitors to rural areas overlook not everyone has access to hole in the wall banking. Or a ready supply of small change.

Offering a twenty pound note for a fifty pence purchase leaves the rural tea room or shop keeper devoid of a much needed revenue. Having three such transactions in succession and one may as well close because teashops don’t give credit.

Government ministers in far off Westminster and overpaid bank officials live in another world where holes in walls are not made by over zealous visitors or sheep looking for pastures new. Perhaps if Freemen of London upheld their right to drive sheep over the capital’s bridges and where else they may go, we in rural areas might procure some sense and understanding from the wayward ‘sheep’ in Westminster’s urban Commons.

The above can only become worse as holidays approach and rural banking in whatever form is further depleted. Visitors are not always aware of this deficiency. Common sense goes a long way, as does loose change.

If you are visiting the Dales and other Rural areas please remember, always carry plenty of loose change, as large denomination notes may not be acceptable in future. Nor will be the harassed greetings from rural shopkeepers and teashop proprietors in return.