Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What to do with your Marrow

2013 has seen a glut of fruit and vegetables in parts of UK and this will help those growing vegetable Marrows.


From a recipe first found in a Ure Dale farmhouse around the C18 or C19!

Gather ye marrows.
They must be firm and free of mould.
A goodly Weight of at least eight pounds each.
Wash ye well their outsides.
Take ye a sharpe knife and cut offe about four inches from ye stalk end.
With a long handled ladle (or your fyste), remove ye the seeds, leaving softe fleshe inside.
Finde a goode qualyte ladies silk hose, preferably without her in it.
cut offe ye big toe and insert your marrow within.
( Big toe of ye hose ).
A hole should be made in ye marrow’s bottom and ye whole hung from a hook in ye larder.
Take ye a bucket or jar (with a funnel in it), then place it beneath.
Ye marrow is now filled withe dark raw sugar to it’s very top.
Continue this till there be no soft flesh left.
Collect ye liquid and put in a large copper.
Boil about ten minutes or one quarter inch of candle.
Add a yeast from ye Master’s best Frenche wine.
Strane liquor into earthen jars and cork lightly for about five days.
Cork tightly and wire.
Store in a cool place then forget them for about four years.

Advance withe care and open ye vessels withe not a shacky hand.
Ye Liquor to be treated withe great reverance, or woe to he who imbibes
in quantity!

Copied as near to original as possible.