Monday, 17 June 2013

Nesting season.

Last year twitchers observed a rise in numbers of the Great Twit

Global warming and increased leisure time brought this species to our open countryside. Observers noted Great Twits were often accompanied by domestic dogs. While the latter species reek havoc amongst ground nesting birds, be they wild or game, Great Twits are often oblivious to this carnage. Modern agricultural practice is not without problems, but Great Twit and their dogs must take some blame. 

Unfortunately, followers of the southern Greater Twit appear equally oblivious to countrymen’s fears, by advocating the species be given free range status. Not only ground nesters, but ewes and lambs are at risk on moorland and in field. Unless a sense of responsibility is brought to Great Twits, harmonious free range status will be reduced significantly. Keep all dogs under control on open moorland, in the nesting season, otherwise Skylarks amongst others will be nought but faded pictures in books.

From 14.08.2010