Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tenants of Jenny’s Cottage, Beacon Hill, Otley

1799. John Tillotson. Beacon Keeper.

1830. Jenny Myers, wife of hind, John Myers, shepherd for John Hartley.

1860. Jenny Lee, wife of John Lee, hind or shepherd for John Hartley, corn merchant, in part of Garnett’s Mill, Otley.

1877. Jenny Miller. The road leading from East Chevin Road to Beacon Hill was named after her. Miller Lane. ( I’m not sure where this fits in with the rest ).

1883. Mr Veale from York. He enlarged the cottage from two rooms and a dairy to “Refreshment Rooms”. Built “Teapot Row” on Leeds Road (?) from the profits.

1908. Mr E Kirk, wheelwright, Yeadon.

1910. Senior Blackburn, Butcher, New Market Street, Otley. Lived in cottage till October 23rd 1934. Senior is the chap seen walking across Bond Gate with a pig, in old photographs of Otley.

1934. John Blackburn, son of Senior.

1947. Mrs Laurence Jackson, daughter of the above.

1958. Reg Marston, farmer, till 1972. Fred Atkinson leased the catering rights from 1969-71.

1972. Sam Chippendale Foundation bought the cottage, Beacon Hill and 84 acres.

1976. Jenny’s Cottage was demolished and some stone used to build an extension to Hilton Grange Children’s Home, Bramhope. The remaining stone was used to build flower Fund Homes at Guiseley.

1977. Leeds City Council bought the whole of Beacon Hill plus the White House plantation.